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Soju/Cass Set (Somaek)

1300 g

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Someak (소맥) is a beer cocktail made with soju and beer. While the different rations between these two alcohols drastically vary depending on preference, most people agree that the golden ratio is 3:7. In other words, you should combine 30% soju with 70% beer. In Korea, people almost always eat when drinking. Bars and other types of establishments often serve ‘anju’ (안주) with alcohol. ‘Anju’ is the Korean word used for food served with alcohol. common somaek anju include:
 Dried Squid
 Seasoned Nuts
 Fried Chicken
 Tteokbokki
 Crisps
 Korean Barbecue
In the end, we hope you try making this soju and beer Korean cocktail to enjoy with family and friends!

Ingredients list:
Jinro Fresh Soju ABV 16.9% 350ml x1
Cass Beer 4.5% 330ml x 1