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Coffee For Sensative Stomachs? East-Asian Beverage

Coffee For Sensative Stomachs? East-Asian Beverage

So what is the best coffee for individuals with sensative stomachs when it comes to coffee?

Well we found an Indoesian brand! Its called Luwak! 

We have so many customers who have sensative stomachs, which means there are alot of East Asian products that are too acidic for their tummy! This is our first indoesian beverage and it sure is great as an instant coffee (side note: this is not a sponsored post). 

Who are Luwak?

Luwak is a popular Indonesian coffee brand. This specifc product has a particularly special feature, low acidity. Low acidity means the coffee is a lot gentler on your stomach. So in the end you get a satisfying coffee break anywhere, anytime, just add hot water!

White Coffee - Luwak Koffie

Our review:

This is our first-ever Indonesian coffee. Simply, it was wonderful, silky texture and rich flavor! Surprisingly it is a full-flavored 3 in 1 instant coffee that is acid neutralized (LOW ACID).

The Luwak white coffee comes in less sugar, more coffee, and it's super tasty. This means you can enjoy some of the pleasures you may have been missing if you are one of the millions of people, who suffer from acid indigestion or other types of stomach disorders from drinking coffee.

You can take this product off your list of foods to avoid. Hundreds of people who suffer from stomach ulcers, indigestion have started using this brand as their coffee of choice. This product is also Halal, so even more people can try this product. 


Luwak White Koffie drink



Non-Dairy Creamer [Glucose syrup, palm oils, sodium caseinate (contain milk protein), phosphate derivatives, potassium phosphate, sodium aluminum silicate, riboflavin], sugar, soluble arabica coffee.

Origin: Product of Indonesia.

Halal-certified product.

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