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Best East Asian Instant Coffee?

Best East Asian Instant Coffee?

Nescafe roasted instant coffee can

So what is the best Asian instant Cofffee?

We have been selling this small compact drink for many years now (3+). After many taste test and feedback from our customers, nescafe's little drink sure does hit the caffine spot. It's a little gem for those who love a cold iced beverage and as a perfect grab-and-go coffee. Here's our reason why.


Nescafe Instant Coffee

Nescafe have made a richly roasted, soothing coffee packed in a small and light can. Shipped all the way from Asia to the UK, we have a little gem for our customers. 



Best served cold, this little canned drink gives you a perfect caffeine hit of Nescafé's finely roasted coffee. Once open, a burst of fragrant, velvety well-blended coffee beans.



Nescafe is very popular in Asia, this drink is usually served in vending machines, as a convenient and easy solution to the humid heat in Asia whilst meeting the demands for a cold caffeinated beverage. Its one of the most popular drinks, where you go in Asia you will see little canned caffinated drinks.




It's packed with sweetened milk fused with Nescafé's rich classic taste, making it deliciously refreshing, light, and incredibly smooth to drink. It's not too sweet nor too bitter, the right balance of flavours to keep you wanting more.


Nescafe Roasted Instant Coffee China


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